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Subsidized and Affordable Rental Housing for Seniors

Subsidized and Affordable Rental Housing

For seniors, there are a few more housing types available by virtue of age.  And, since there are more senior units and there is swifter turnover of the units, a senior will often have a shorter wait for a subsidized apartment than adults with disabilities who are younger than age 60.

You may want to start by applying to one or more of the three subsidized apartment complexes in Groton which are the Groton Housing Authority, Groton Commons and Winthrop Place.  See link.

There are federally supported subsidized apartments for seniors age 62 and up.  You can find these apartments by using the Housing Navigator Massachusetts website and looking for the age restricted housing for people age 62 and up.

Additional senior housing types include:

  • Congregate housing:  see list of cities and towns with congregate housing.
  • Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program for those age 62 and up:  must apply individually to each apartment complex.  Groton Commons is a local example, but there are many apartment complexes in our region. This HUD map is helpful.
  • Rural housing for seniors which is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.