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Land Use

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The Land Use Department is an organizational structure consisting of other departments related to land use.

The Land Use Department includes the following sub-departments:

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Contact Information

Phone: (978) 448-1105
Office: Town Hall
Hours: Monday: 8am - 7pm Tuesday - Thursday, from 8am - 4pm Friday: 8am - 1pm


Amanda Urmann
Amanda Urmann
Land Use Administrative Assistant
Katie Berry
Katie Berry
Inter-Departmental Assistant
Takashi Tada
Takashi Tada
Land Use Director/Town Planner

Land Use Documents

    1. Zoning_Map.pdf
    1. Application-Withdrawal.pdf
    2. Application_Withdrawal.pdf
    1. CC-Abbreviated_NOI.pdf
  1. Wind_Energy_Conversion_Facilities.pdf
  2. Water_Resource_Protection_Districts_Map.pdf
  3. Street_Index_Map.pdf
  4. Site_Plan_Review_Regs.pdf
  5. Shared_Driveway_Regs.pdf
  6. SAOD_Design_Guidelines.pdf
  7. Planning_Board_Fees_(revised_June_2016).pdf
  8. Planning_Board_FAQ.pdf
  9. OwnersInsuranceWaiver.pdf
  10. Main_Street_Banner_Application_2023-8-14.pdf
  11. Land_Use_Department_Fee_Schedule_-_2016.xlsx
  12. Groton_Permtting_Guide_2016.pdf
  13. FEMA_Flood_Plain_Comparison_2010.pdf
  14. CMP_Volunteers.pdf
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