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Housing Authority

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The Housing Authority, which was formed in 1982, has a central role in the Town’s affordable housing policy. The Authority:

  • identifies and addresses the need for affordable housing in Groton and develops policies and strategies to meet those needs
  • is responsible for management policy and oversight of the Town’s Elderly and Family Housing Programs
  • negotiates with developers for affordable housing units in return for an increase in density of particular developments.
  • may receive title to actual housing units, parcels of land, or cash in lieu of units, or land, from developers

In 1990, the Authority completed its first affordable housing complex, which it owns and operates. The complex consists of 20 units of elderly/disabled housing, developed through the Commonwealth’s Chapter 667 Program, and 7 units of family housing through the Chapter 705 Program.

As of 1997, the Town offered the following additional affordable housing, built under various state and federal programs:

  • 34 units of housing for the elderly/disabled on Willowdale Road, built under a HUD grant
  • 24 one-, two-, and three-bedroom units (Winthrop Place) subsidized by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA)
  • 8 of the 32-unit Brookfield Commons townhouses; these were purchased as condominiums by first-time buyers with low interest mortgages subsidized by the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency (MHFA)

Lisa Larrabee is the Executive Director of the Housing Authority.

Contact Information

Email: grotonhousing@verizon.net
Phone: (978) 448-3962
Fax: (978) 448-5845
Office: 19 Lowell Rd
Hours: Mon, Tue: 8:00a – 12:30p; Wed, Thur: 11:30a – 4:00p
Members: 5
Selection: Elected
Term In Years: 5
Remuneration: None


Daniel Emerson
Daniel Emerson
Term Start: 2002-05-06
Term End: 2099-12-31
Donald R. Black
Donald R. Black
Term Start: 2020-06-10
Term End: 2025-05-20
John Sopka
John Sopka
Term Start: 2024-04-23
Term End: 2029-05-22
Leslie Colt
Leslie Colt
Term Start: 2017-05-20
Term End: 2099-12-31

Housing Authority Documents

    1. Groton-FY2024.pdf
    2. Groton-FY2023.pdf
    3. Groton-FY2022.pdf
    4. Groton-FY2021.pdf
    5. 2025ProposedAnnualPlan-GHA.pdf
    1. Housing_Authority_approved_minutes_2023-11-02_id-14592.docx
    2. Housing_Authority_approved_minutes_2023-08-03_id-14291.docx
    3. Housing_Authority_approved_minutes_2023-07-12_id-14227.docx
    4. Housing_Authority_approved_minutes_2023-06-14_id-14154.docx
    5. Housing_Authority_approved_minutes_2023-05-10_id-14072.docx
    6. Housing_Authority_approved_minutes_2023-03-08_id-13887.docx
    7. Housing_Authority_approved_minutes_2023-01-11_id-13673.docx
    8. Housing_Authority_approved_minutes_2022-12-29_id-13654.docx
    9. Housing_Authority_approved_minutes_2022-11-09_id-13519.docx
    10. Housing_Authority_approved_minutes_2022-08-10_id-13273.docx
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