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Groton-Dunstable Regional School Committee

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The School Committee:

  • develops education policy and goals
  • appoints to evaluates the Superintendent
  • reviews and approves an annual budget for the District
  • negotiates contracts for bargaining units
  • provides adequate facilities for students, all in compliance with state laws and regulations of the Board of Education and the Regional District Agreement

The Regional School District was formed in 1967 for the Towns of Groton and Dunstable. In 1997, the District consisted of one regional high school; a middle school; two elementary schools (Florence Roche and Prescott); an early education center (the former Boutwell School); administrative offices (at the former Tarbell School), all in Groton, and an elementary school (Swallow-Union) in Dunstable.

As of 1997, the Region was served by: 1 Superintendent, 7 Principals, 2 Assistant Principals, 9 other administrators, 160 teaching staff, and 117 hourly employees.

Groton also belongs to the Nashoba Valley Technical Regional School District.

Membership is allocated in proportion to population. As of 1997, five members were elected by voters in Groton; two by voters in Dunstable.

Meeting Minutes

The GDRSD Meeting Minutes can be found hosted on their website at https://www.gdrsd.org/

Contact Information

Email: selectboard@grotonma.gov
Phone: (978) 448-5505
Fax: (978) 448-9402
Website: http://www.gdrsd.org/
Members: 5
Selection: Elected
Term In Years: 3
Remuneration: None


Catherine Awa
Catherine Awa
Term Start: 2023-05-24
Term End: 2026-05-19
Fay Raynor
Fay Raynor
Term Start: 2024-04-23
Term End: 2027-05-18
Rohit Bhasin
Rohit Bhasin
Term Start: 2024-04-23
Term End: 2027-05-18
Rosanna Casavecchia
Rosanna Casavecchia
Term Start: 2022-05-25
Term End: 2025-05-25
Yasmeen Cheema
Yasmeen Cheema
Term Start: 2022-05-25
Term End: 2025-05-25

Groton-Dunstable Regional School Committee Documents

    1. Groton-Dunstable_Regional_School_Committee_approved_minutes_2022-03-01_id-12760.pdf
    2. Groton-Dunstable_Regional_School_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-05-08_id-902.pdf
    3. Groton-Dunstable_Regional_School_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-03-13_id-765.pdf
    4. Groton-Dunstable_Regional_School_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-01-08_id-534.pdf
    5. Groton-Dunstable_Regional_School_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-01-07_id-533.pdf
    6. Groton-Dunstable_Regional_School_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-01-04_id-535.pdf
    7. Groton-Dunstable_Regional_School_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-01-02_id-518.pdf
    8. Groton-Dunstable_Regional_School_Committee_approved_minutes_2012-11-14_id-428.pdf
    9. Groton-Dunstable_Regional_School_Committee_approved_minutes_2012-10-24_id-373.pdf
    10. Groton-Dunstable_Regional_School_Committee_approved_minutes_2012-10-24_id-372.pdf
    11. Access additional meeting minutes and agendas at the Meeting Center
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