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There is a public meeting happening right now (7:45 pm) that should be being broadcast live according to our system. To watch you can tune in to The Groton Channel's government channel on Channel 41 for Verizon Fios Customers, Channel 192 for Charter/Spectrum cable customers, or watch live on our Streaming Page.

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  • Meeting: Select Board Meeting
  • Start Time: 6:00 pm
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    Groton Annual Fireworks

    Groton’s Annual Fireworks Festival will be held at Town Field (behind the Groton Public Library) on Monday, July 8th, 2019. Activities, Food, Fun, Music and

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    Upcoming Public Meetings

    Open Committee Vacancies

    Below are the Town boards and committees that have open vacancies. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out a committee interest form here.
    • Board of Registrars - 2 open vacancies.
    • Board of Survey - 2 open vacancies.
    • Local Cultural Council - 2 open vacancies.
    • Old Burying Ground Commission - 1 open vacancy.

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    Recent Public Documents

    Historic Districts Commissionapproved_minutes_2019-05-21_id-9933.pdf2019-06-20
    Invasive Species Committeeapproved_minutes_2019-05-20_id-9400.pdf2019-06-18
    Select BoardTown_Manager's_Report_-_2019-06-17.pdf2019-06-18
    Select BoardTown_Manager's_Report_-_2019-06-10.pdf2019-06-18
    Select Boardapproved_minutes_2019-06-10_id-10022.pdf2019-06-18
    Greenway Committeeapproved_minutes_2019-05-23_id-9973.pdf2019-06-17
    Montachusett Regional Planning Commissionapproved_minutes_2019-05-15_id-9947.pdf2019-06-13
    Select Boardapproved_minutes_2019-06-03_id-9982.pdf2019-06-13
    Select Boardapproved_minutes_2019-05-15_id-9944.pdf2019-06-13
    Select Boardapproved_minutes_2019-05-06_id-9909.pdf2019-06-13
    Select Boardapproved_minutes_2019-04-29_id-9896.pdf2019-06-13
    Select Boardapproved_minutes_2019-04-22_id-9877.pdf2019-06-13
    Park Commissionapproved_minutes_2019-05-07_id-9375.pdf2019-06-10
    Select BoardTown_Manager's_Report_-_2019-06-03.pdf2019-06-10
    Select BoardTown_Manager's_Report_-_2019-05-15.pdf2019-06-10
    Planning Boardapproved_minutes_2019-05-09_id-9924.pdf2019-06-06
    Zoning Board of Appealsapproved_minutes_2019-04-17_id-9682.pdf2019-06-06
    Sustainability Commissionapproved_minutes_2019-03-19_id-9771.pdf2019-06-05
    Sustainability Commissionapproved_minutes_2019-04-16_id-9856.pdf2019-06-05
    Montachusett Joint Transportation Committeeapproved_minutes_2019-05-08_id-9910.pdf2019-06-05