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Return to Work Protocols

The Select Board has adopted protocols for the reopening of Town Hall and the Groton Center.  They will go into effect when the Governor lifts

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Upcoming Public Meetings

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Open Committee Vacancies

Below are the Town boards and committees that have open vacancies. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out a committee interest form here.
  • Board of Survey - 2 open vacancies.
  • Complete Streets Committee - 2 open vacancies.
  • Conservation Commission - 1 open vacancy.
  • Great Pond Advisory Committee - 2 open vacancies.
  • Historical Commission - 1 open vacancy.
  • Housing Partnership - 2 open vacancies.
  • Insurance Advisory Committee - 1 open vacancy.
  • Invasive Species Committee - 4 open vacancies.
  • Local Cultural Council - 2 open vacancies.
  • Nashoba Valley Technical High School Committee - 1 open vacancy.
  • Old Burying Ground Commission - 1 open vacancy.
  • Personnel Board - 1 open vacancy.
  • Sargisson Beach Committee - 1 open vacancy.
  • Scholarship Committee - 1 open vacancy.
  • Select Board Strategic Plan Sub-Committee - 2 open vacancies.
  • Sustainability Commission - 5 open vacancies.
  • Town Center Overlay District Design Review Committee - 1 open vacancy.
  • Trails Committee - 1 open vacancy.
  • Weed Harvester Committee - 2 open vacancies.
  • Williams Barn Committee - 2 open vacancies.
  • Zoning Board of Appeals - 1 open vacancy.

Town & Community Events

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Recent Public Documents

Select BoardMeeting_Packet_2020-06-01.pdf2020-05-29
Trails Committeeapproved_minutes_2020-04-21_id-11294.pdf2020-05-20
Invasive Species Committeeapproved_minutes_2020-02-17_id-11172.pdf2020-05-19
Affordable Housing TrustAHT_PRESS_RELEASE_Final_2020-05-14.pdf2020-05-18
Affordable Housing TrustPreferredMemUnitInvAgrEXECUTED-Redact...2020-05-18
Affordable Housing TrustAHTtoMtLaurelMay14_2020DemandforAccou...2020-05-18
Select Boardapproved_minutes_2020-05-04_id-11321.pdf2020-05-18
Select Boardapproved_minutes_2020-04-27_id-11307.pdf2020-05-18
Select Boardapproved_minutes_2020-04-21_id-11296.pdf2020-05-18
Select Boardapproved_minutes_2020-04-13_id-11283.pdf2020-05-18
Select Boardapproved_minutes_2020-04-06_id-11269.pdf2020-05-18
Select Boardapproved_minutes_2020-03-30_id-11261.pdf2020-05-18
Select Boardapproved_minutes_2020-03-23_id-11253.pdf2020-05-18
Select BoardMeeting_Packet_2020-05-18.pdf2020-05-16
Conservation Commissionapproved_minutes_2020-04-28_id-11306.pdf2020-05-13
Conservation Commissionapproved_minutes_2020-04-14_id-11281.pdf2020-05-13
Conservation Commissionapproved_minutes_2020-03-31_id-11265.pdf2020-05-13
Conservation Commissionapproved_minutes_2020-03-10_id-11219.pdf2020-05-13
Planning Boardapproved_minutes_2020-04-09_id-11274.pdf2020-05-12
Select BoardMeeting_Packet_2020-05-11.pdf2020-05-11