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Transfer Station

Trash and recycling material can be disposed of at

Transfer Station

600 Cow Pond Brook Road
Groton, MA 01450

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Transfer Station Stickers

Vehicle stickers and special town trash disposal bags are required to dispose of trash at the Transfer Station. There is no charge or sticker required for recycling. Vehicle stickers can be obtained at the Town Clerk’s office. Stickers may also be purchased at the Transfer Station during operating hours.

Once you’ve purchased your vehicle sticker, place it on your vehicle immediately for access to the disposal area. The Board of Health encourages residents to mail in their renewals at which time your sticker(s) will be mailed back to you. Please include a copy of your vehicle registration and make checks payable to Town of Groton.

Primary Sticker: $80.00
Senior Rate-Age 60+: $20.00
Second Sticker (same household): $25.00


Trash Disposal Bags

Bags can be purchased at the Town Clerk’s office, the Transfer Station, Groton Shaw’s, and Shop n’ Save in Ayer.

Prices: 15 gallon – Pkg. 10/$15.00 32 gallon – Pkg. 10/$25.00 45 gallon – Pkg. 10/$30.00.

Food Scraps Now Collected

Free drop off of food scraps at transfer station AND free finished compost can be picked up in the spring for Groton residents only. Curbside pick-up of food scraps available at a discount for Groton residents by Black Earth Compost who manages our site.  More information on the linked flyer, at www.blackearthcompost.com and acceptable food waste list at  https://blackearthcompost.com/media/uploads/2019/09/26/BlackEarthCompostGuide.pdf

Hazardous Waste

Use it up, give it away, or take it here: www.DevensHHW.com

Regional Household/Small Business Hazardous Waste Collection Days
9 Cook St. (Rear), Devens MA
Go to www.DevensHHW.com  for current open dates, times, and procedures or call 978-501-3943

DIY Compost Bins
Compost bins are available at the Groton Transfer Station for $25. Kitchen scrap buckets are also available for $5. Compostable food waste bags are $5 for 30 bags. No plastic bags in Food Waste because plastic does not compost.

The Perfect Compost Recipe – How to Get Your Compost Heap Cooking!

Transfer Station Informational Videos

Learn everything you need to know about what you can recycle and dispose of at the Transfer Station with our helpful videos below!