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Stewardship Committee

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The purpose of the Groton Stewardship Committee is to promote sustainable stewardship, support the Open Space and Recreation Plan and perform the stewardship and monitoring activities as a separate dedicated body, under the supervision of the Conservation Commission.


The Conservation Commission directly manages over 2,100 acres of conservation land in town, in addition to holding conservation restrictions on 1,550 additional acres. While the Conservation Commission is responsible for the stewardship and monitoring of these lands, there is often little time available for such activities. The Conservation Commission is also the governing body for the Town of Groton’s Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) and is responsible for its implementation and monitoring.  Finally, as interest in Stewardship grows, an opportunity exists for coordination and outreach, at the town level, of stewardship activities.


The committee will be made up of members serving as volunteers (unpaid). Members are appointed by the Conservation Commission to 1-year terms for each fiscal year.


The committee will report to the Conservation Commission.


The exact actions of the committee will be determined by the members, with consent of the Conservation Commission, taking into consideration the best interests of Groton and the most effective use of volunteers and other resources that may be provided to the committee. However, it is expected at this time that the committee will undertake the following:

Agents in the Field Activities

  • Monitor conservation areas owned by the Conservation Commission, and lands that the Conservation Commission holds conservation restrictions on.
  • Perform land management activities.

Open Space and Recreation Plan Implementation and Tracking

  • Track implementation of the latest Open Space and Recreation Plan goals and objectives related to conservation.
  • Research grant opportunities and apply as appropriate.


  • Recruit and maintain a list of volunteers for Stewardship Committee related tasks.
  • Educate and inform the public on matters related to conservation lands and their stewardship.


All of these activities are performed under the authority and permission of the Conservation Commission. The Conservation Commission may at any time change what powers, duties, and responsibilities it delegates to the Groton Stewardship Committee.

Contact Information

Email: csteeves@grotonma.gov
Phone: 978-448-1106
Members: 7
Selection: Other
Term In Years: 1
Remuneration: None


Anna Eliot
Anna Eliot
Term Start: 2024-07-10
Term End: 2025-06-30
Kimberly Kuliesis
Kimberly Kuliesis
Term Start: 2024-07-10
Term End: 2025-06-30
Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray
Term Start: 2024-07-10
Term End: 2025-06-30
Olin Lathrop
Olin Lathrop
Term Start: 2024-07-10
Term End: 2025-06-30
Ronald Hersch
Ronald Hersch
Term Start: 2024-07-10
Term End: 2025-06-30


Groton Stewardship Committee Documents

    1. Groton_Stewardship_Committee_approved_minutes_2024-03-20_id-15034.pdf
    2. Groton_Stewardship_Committee_approved_minutes_2024-02-21_id-14944.pdf
    3. Groton_Stewardship_Committee_approved_minutes_2024-01-17_id-14810.pdf
    4. Groton_Stewardship_Committee_approved_minutes_2023-12-20_id-14747.pdf
    5. Groton_Stewardship_Committee_approved_minutes_2023-11-29_id-14672.pdf
    6. Groton_Stewardship_Committee_approved_minutes_2023-10-18_id-14523.pdf
    7. Groton_Stewardship_Committee_approved_minutes_2023-04-05_id-13967.docx
    8. Groton_Stewardship_Committee_approved_minutes_2023-03-01_id-13815.docx
    9. Groton_Stewardship_Committee_approved_minutes_2023-02-01_id-13732.docx
    10. Groton_Stewardship_Committee_approved_minutes_2023-01-04_id-13653.docx
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