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Non-Profit Council

The Groton Non-Profit Council is a collaboration between the town’s non-profit organizations and its government. Our mission is to explore and expand the ways in which the non-profits and the town can support each other’s objectives, and to enhance awareness of the many benefits and forms of support which the non-profits provide to the town and its citizens.

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The Groton Non-Profit Council now has a Facebook Page you can follow to stay up to date on meetings and other happenings! You can follow us at https://www.facebook.com/Town-of-Groton-Non-Profit-Council-342454109888430/

Arts Nashoba

Mission Statement: Bringing the Arts to Youth … and Youth to the Arts Website: http://www.artsnashoba.org Phone: (978) 842-1255

First Parish Church of Groton

Mission Statement: We are a community of adults, youth, and children seeking to deepen spiritually, to take care of one another, and to be a blessing to the world. Website: https://uugroton.org/ Email: office@uugroton.org Phone: (978) 448-6307

Friends of Prescott

Mission Statement: To preserve Prescott School as a community asset for community use. Our goal is to have a centrally located gathering place that:
  • Keeps the building as a historic town asset
  • Provides space for non-profit and for-profit organizations
  • Creates educational programming for all ages. Website: https://prescottscc.org/ Email: prescottscc@gmail.com Phone: (978) 877-6933

Girl Scouts – Nashaway Service Unit

Mission Statement: Building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Girl Scouts offers the best leadership development experience for girls in the world—one that is designed with, by, and for girls. Website: http://www.gsema.org Email: nashaway.gsema@gmail.com

Groton Business Association

Mission Statement: The GBA is a group of storefront businesses, farmers/agricultural business owners, corporations, home-based businesses, professionals, and organizations working together to foster ties between Groton businesses and residents.
The primary goal of the GBA is to foster business and agricultural growth that enhances both the cultural and economic qualities of life in the Town of Groton. The GBA plays an active role in defining and developing Groton, expanding the tax base and creating local jobs.
The GBA is dedicated to promoting economic progress for its members and advocating for a positive business environment within the Town of Groton.
Website: https://grotonbusinessassociation.com/

Groton Community School

Mission Statement: Groton Community School is a nationally accredited, non-profit early childhood center for young children. We are committed to interacting with each child as a unique individual and dedicated to giving each child and his/her family the most positive first school experience. We strive to be a “community” school in every sense of the word, welcoming and embracing the community. We are a place for children and families to feel a sense of belonging, and to learn and grow together. Website: http://www.grotoncommunityschool.org Phone: (978) 448-6179

Groton Conservation Trust

Mission Statement: The Groton Conservation Trust enhances the quality of life in our community through environmental conservation, and engages residents in the enjoyment and stewardship of our remarkable natural landscapes. Website: http://www.gctrust.org Contact: info@gctrust.org

Groton Electric Light

Mission Statement: To provide our customers reliable power and excellent service at affordable prices. Website: http://www.grotonelectric.org Phone: (978) 448-1150

The Groton Dunstable Education Foundation

Mission Statement: The Groton Dunstable Education Foundation, Inc. (GDEF) is a volunteer non-profit organization committed to enhancing the success of our public schools by providing private funding for innovative, inspiring programs and opportunities. This community driven foundation believes that each child deserves an excellent educational experience and that supported and successful schools are fundamental elements of our special communities. Website: http://www.gdefinc.org Email: info@gdefinc.org

The Groton Elders

Mission Statement: The Friends of Groton Elders support programs that are educational, culturally interesting and promote the health and well being of older citizens. Programs will be in addition to services made available through the town of Groton through the Council on Aging, the Commonwealth and other agencies serving the elderly. For further information please call 978 448-6613. Phone: (978) 448-6613

The Groton Interfaith Council

Mission Statement: The Groton Interfaith Council is an association of religious organizations and individual community members in Groton, Massachusetts. The mission of the Groton Interfaith Council is to foster understanding, respect, justice and peace among people of a variety of religious traditions through worship, fellowship, education, and service. Vision: Inspired by our different faiths and our common values, we thus bind ourselves together in association for mutual enrichment and community service and agree to honor the differences among us in theology, polity, worship, and practice. Together we will seek ways to create more understanding and acceptance of people of diverse religions and cultures. Email: grotoninterfaithcouncil@gmail.com Website: http://grotoninterfaith.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grotoninterfaith/

Groton Fire Department

Mission Statement: The Groton Fire Department provides fire protection, fire prevention, fire safety education and emergency medical services to the citizens of Groton. Website: http://www.grotonfd.org Phone: (978) 448-6333

Groton Garden Club

Mission Statement: The purpose of this club is to encourage and promote interest in and development of all aspects of gardening. Our mission provides a broad framework in which the club has operated since our founding in 1923. Currently, we maintain or share responsibility for more than ten gardens and planters within Groton. Website: http://www.grotongardenclub.org Email: gardenclubgrotonma@gmail.com

Groton Grange #7

Phone: (978) 448-3418

Groton History Center

Mission Statement: The Groton Historical Society was incorporated in 1894 and since then has acquired artifacts, documents and historical memorabilia that are significant to the history and lives of the residents of Groton. In 1933 the Society received the generous gift of Governor George S. Boutwell’s home from the estate of his daughter and founding member of the Historical Society, Georgianna A. Boutwell. This gift has allowed the Groton Historical Society to display and house the collections that it has acquired. In addition to serving the community as a museum, the Groton Historical Society actively publishes books and pamphlets and works with other organizations in town to promote Groton’s history. It also publishes a quarterly newsletter for members, holds historical programs which are open to the public and cover a wide range of topics relating to Groton’s history. The society provides assistance to genealogical researchers and offers educational tours of the Boutwell House. The Groton Historical Society adopted the name Groton History Center in 2016 to better reflect our role as an open welcoming historical and cultural organization. Website: http://www.grotonhistory.org Phone: (978) 448-0092

The Groton Neighborhood Food Project

Mission Statement: We are an organization that strives to ensure a steady supply of food for the people in our area who are currently unable to adequately meet their own food needs. We do this by organizing neighborhoods into an established donor base and by collaborating with Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry. Website: https://grotonfoodproject.com Email: info@grotonfoodproject.com

Groton Neighbors

Mission Statement: The mission of Groton Neighbors is to help each other sustain independent lives at home and stay connected in our community. Website: http://www.grotonneighbors.org Phone: (978) 272-0123

Groton Public Library Endowment Trust

Mission Statement:The purpose of the Trust is to assist in maintaining the quality and excellence of the Groton Public Library by providing a means above and beyond the library’s normal resources, assuring continuation of the high standards achieved during the library’s long history. Income from the Trust is to be used to enhance, enrich, and supplement the funds available for the materials collection, programs, and other special needs of the library. This income shall not replace funds appropriated annually by the Town or other funds managed by the Town for the support of the library. Website: https://gplendowment.org Email: info@gplendowment.org Phone: (978) 448-8000

Groton School

Mission Statement: Groton School is a diverse and intimate community devoted to inspiring lives of character, learning, leadership, and service. Website: http://www.groton.org Phone: (978) 448-3363


Mission Statement: “Lives transformed and hearts renewed” The Ministry of Camping and conferencing, as carried out at Grotonwood, will use its resources to transform, renew, and equip the body of Christ found in The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts, the wider Christian family, and the world in which we live. Website: http://www.grotonwood.org Phone: (978) 448-5763

Indian Hill Music

Mission Statement: Indian Hill Music shares the transformative power of music, through teaching and performing, and giving music generously when there is need. Website: http://www.indianhillmusic.org Phone: (978) 486-9524

Lawrence Academy

Mission Statement: Lawrence Academy recognizes you for who you are and inspires you to take responsibility for who you want to become. By calling on the school To champion excellence in academics and the arts, in athletics, and in residential life; To offer innovative programs that personalize learning; To provide students with discerning mentors who support self-discovery and risk-taking; By calling on each other To consider a plurality of perspectives patiently and with curiosity; To engage in respectful dialogue and advance the independent thinking and success of others; To take action for the common good; By calling on yourself To develop your voice and use it creatively, constructively, and with confidence; To reflect upon, understand, and learn from failure as well as success; To cultivate a personal stake in lifelong learning and make honorable, informed choices; You will learn with others to think for yourself. Website: http://www.lacademy.edu Phone: (978) 448-6535

Mountain Lakes Club

Mission Statement: Summer residents in the Lost Lake area established the Mountain Lakes Club in 1936. The club was incorporated as a non-profit organization, and has continued to serve the neighborhood throughout the years. Run entirely by dedicated volunteers, the Mountain Lakes Club strives to keep the spirit of the neighborhood alive. Participation in events is not limited to club members; however, we encourage everyone to join as a way to support our efforts. We hope to see you at our meetings and events, and would love to hear your comments and ideas. Website: http://www.mountainlakesclub.org Phone: (978) 302-1861

Nashua River Watershed

Mission Statement: The Nashua River Watershed Association (NRWA) protects water and land resources and provides environmental education programs for youth and adults. NRWA serves as a steward, educator, and provider of technical services to the watershed’s 32 communities, including Groton. The population served by NRWA is all the people who live, work, or play in the watershed. The NRWA’s professional staff, interns and volunteers from the community work out of our River Resource Center headquarters in Groton. NRWA annually holds a suite of free events in Groton, from nature hikes for families to seminars on current environmental topics. Website: http://www.nashuariverwatershed.org Phone: (978) 448-0299

New England Shirdi Sai Parviaar

Mission Statement: New England Shirdi Sai Parviaar’s ( NESSP’s ) mission is to promote the philosophy of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba and to accordingly support religious, spiritual, cultural and charitable activities. To serve this mission, NESSP is working to establish a permanent Shri Shirdi Sai Mandir and Mission Center in the Greater Boston area of New England. Website: http://www.nessp.org Phone: (978) 528-1984

Old Groton Meeting House Preservation Fund

Mission Statement: The Old Groton Meeting House Preservation Fund is a 501c3 organization. Built in 1755 and designated as a Massachusetts Historic Landmark, The Meeting House is the fourth in Groton and serves as gateway to the town’s center and a cornerstone in its history. The Fund’s objective is to develop the resources to fulfill its mission to honor the past well into the future. The Old Groton Meeting House Preservation Fund is an independent entity legally separate from any church-related assembly. Website: http://www.oldgrotonmeetinghouse.org Email: info@oldgrotonmeetinghouse.org

Pages for Peace Foundation

Mission Statement: The mission of the foundation and the Big Book: Pages for Peace Project is to share the book’s messages of peace with the world and demonstrate the value of peace education. We hope to do so not only by displaying the Big Book and its interactive digital version, but by developing a peace education curriculum to connect, educate, and inspire a new generation of Peacemakers. Website: http://www.pagesforpeace.org Phone: (978) 877-8172 Email: info@pagesforpeace.org

Seven Hills

Mission Statement: The mission of Seven Hills Foundation is to promote and encourage the empowerment of people with significant challenges so that each may pursue their highest possible degree of personal well-being and independence. Website: http://www.sevenhills.org/programs/seven-hills-academy-at-groton Phone: (978) 448-3388

Shanklin Music Hall

Phone: (978) 448-9700

Town of Groton

Website: https://www.grotonma.gov Phone: (978) 448-1100