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Main Street Banner Application

Main Street Banner Application

Banners are reserved for non profit organizations in Groton. Banners MUST have a solid background and no fluorescent colors. Graphics shall be limited to the use of a logo or organizational symbol provided that the logo does not occupy more than 10% of the area of the banner. Business sponsors are not to be mentioned on the banner.

BANNER REQUIREMENTS: Banner size is 15 feet wide, 3 feet high, 18-ounce heavy duty vinyl material, with D-ring web-taped and reinforced corners, and wind holes appropriate for street hanging.
The Land Use Department reserves the right to refuse a banner if it does not meet the requirements above or is unsafe to hang. Applications will be approved as they are submitted.
Payment is required when the application is submitted.

The fee is $75.00. Please make checks payable to Town of Groton.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to have the banner delivered to the Town Hall before 4 PM on Thursday prior to the requested start date. The applicant must also pick up the banner at Town Hall within one week after it is taken down.

To apply online: Please go to https://grotonma.portal.opengov.com/

Once there, you will be required to create a free account to submit the application.

To apply in person: Please fill out the application and bring to Groton Town Hall, 173 Main Street, Second Floor, Land Use Department.