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Conductorlab Oversight Committee

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The Conductorlab Oversight Committee represents the Town of Groton's interest at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) level through the 21E (hazardous contamination reporting) process and assists residents living in the neighborhood affected by contamination from the former Conductorlab facility.

Contact Information

Email: planning@grotonma.gov
Phone: (978) 448-1105
Members: 5
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 1
Remuneration: None


Mark S. Deuger
Mark S. Deuger
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2021-06-30
Michelle Collette
Michelle Collette
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2021-06-30
Robert Hanninen
Robert Hanninen
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2021-06-30
Stuart M. Schulman
Stuart M. Schulman
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2021-06-30

Conductorlab Oversight Committee Documents

    1. Conductorlab_Oversight_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-10-28_id-10867.pdf
    2. Conductorlab_Oversight_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-03-18_id-9767.pdf
    3. Conductorlab_Oversight_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-02-26_id-9625.pdf
    4. Conductorlab_Oversight_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-12-05_id-4679.pdf
    5. Conductorlab_Oversight_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-07-28_id-4458.pdf
    6. Conductorlab_Oversight_Committee_approved_minutes_2016-11-15_id-3644.pdf
    7. Conductorlab_Oversight_Committee_approved_minutes_2015-09-08_id-2434.pdf
    8. Conductorlab_Oversight_Committee_approved_minutes_2015-02-04_id-5181.pdf
    9. Conductorlab_Oversight_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-12-10_id-1456.pdf
    10. Conductorlab_Oversight_Committee_approved_minutes_2012-12-11_id-449.pdf
    11. Access additional meeting minutes and agendas at the Meeting Center
  1. Temporary_Solution_Report_Jul-Dec2017.pdf
  2. Temporary_Solution_Report_Jan-Jun2018.pdf
  3. Conductorlab_Presentation_2019-02-26.pdf
  4. Conductorlab_Presentation_2017-07-28.pdf
  5. Conductorlab_Fact_Sheet_2017-09-26.pdf
  6. Conductorlab_2020-03-02.pptx
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