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Library Trustees

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Composition, Term of Office
There shall be a Board of Trustees of the Groton Public Library, which shall consist of six (6) members each serving for a term of three (3) years, such terms being arranged in order that the term of two (2) members shall expire each year.
Powers and Duties
·         The Trustees of the Groton Public Library shall establish written policies governing library activities and services;
·         Engage in on-going planning which assesses the needs and the role of the library in the community;
·         Ensure that the library meets the communities needs;
·         Work on preparation of the annual library budget and its adoption by the Town;
·         Monitor and oversee maintenance of the buildings and grounds and regularly review facility needs;
·         Have responsibility for hiring and evaluation the Library Director and working with the Human Resources Director on job classifications for all staff;
·         Promote, with the Friends of the Groton Public Library, the library and act as library advocates in the community; 
·         Study and support legislation which will benefit the library and the larger community; and
·         Shall have such other powers and duties as provided for in this Charter, by bylaw and by general law.
The Trustees of the Groton Public Library shall appoint the Library Director and such other appointments as provided for by this charter, by by-law, or by general laws.

Meeting Minutes

The Library Trustee meeting minutes are hosted on the Library's website at www.gpl.org .

Contact Information

Email: gpltrustees@gpl.org
Phone: (978) 448-1167
Fax: (978) 448-1169
Website: https://www.gpl.org/
Members: 6
Selection: Elected
Term In Years: 3
Remuneration: None


David Zeiler
David Zeiler
Term Start: 2023-05-24
Term End: 2026-05-19
Helena Fruscio Altsman
Helena Fruscio Altsman
Term Start: 2023-05-24
Term End: 2024-05-21
Jennifer Petersen
Jennifer Petersen
Term Start: 2023-11-07
Term End: 2024-05-31
Kate Bettencourt
Kate Bettencourt
Term Start: 2023-05-24
Term End: 2026-05-19
Kristen von Campe
Kristen von Campe
Term Start: 2018-05-23
Term End: 2024-05-21
Mark W. Gerath
Mark W. Gerath
Term Start: 2022-05-25
Term End: 2025-05-25
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