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Board of Assessors

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The Assessors are responsible to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue for the administration of the real estate law. They:
  • determine the valuation of all real and personal property within the Town
  • annually set the tax rate
  • grant abatements and exemptions on property taxes to qualified applicants pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws
  • assess betterments for public improvements voted by Town Meeting
  • maintain complete maps, plans, valuation books, and other records on all property in the Town
The Assessors Office is staffed by a salaried Principal Assessor and hourly office staff; the Assessors contract with an outside firm for some revaluation services

Contact Information

Email: assessors@townofgroton.org
Phone: (978) 448-1127
Fax: 978-448-1115
Office: Town Hall
Hours: Monday: 8:00 – 4:00pm; Tuesday-Thursday: 8:00am – 4:00pm; Friday 8:00am – 1:00pm
Members: 3
Selection: Elected
Term In Years: 3
Remuneration: Stipend


Garrett C. Boles
Garrett C. Boles
Term Start: 2017-05-17
Term End: 2020-05-21
Jenifer Evans
Jenifer Evans
Term Start: 2018-05-23
Term End: 2021-05-18

Board of Assessors Documents

    1. Board_of_Assessors_Meeting_Agenda_2017-02-27.pdf
    1. Board_of_Assessors_approved_minutes_2019-01-18_id-9529.pdf
    2. Board_of_Assessors_approved_minutes_2018-11-19_id-9335.pdf
    3. Board_of_Assessors_approved_minutes_2018-09-21_id-9219.pdf
    4. Board_of_Assessors_approved_minutes_2018-07-27_id-9055.pdf
    5. Board_of_Assessors_approved_minutes_2018-06-29_id-8950.pdf
    6. Board_of_Assessors_approved_minutes_2018-05-04_id-8706.pdf
    7. Board_of_Assessors_approved_minutes_2018-04-20_id-5102.pdf
    8. Board_of_Assessors_approved_minutes_2018-04-06_id-9537.pdf
    9. Board_of_Assessors_approved_minutes_2018-03-23_id-5018.pdf
    10. Board_of_Assessors_approved_minutes_2018-03-09_id-4977.pdf
    11. Access additional meeting minutes and agendas at the Meeting Center
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