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Finding Affordable Housing

There is some affordable housing in Groton and affordable housing also exists in many other towns and cities in the Commonwealth. Lots of people need affordable housing but seldom know where to find it.

You may be familiar with some affordable housing options, but would like to broaden your search and apply to more apartment complexes.

The Housing Navigator Massachusetts website meets this need.

This website allows you to conduct a town-by-town search for affordable housing. You can also sign up to receive weekly emails from Housing Navigator Massachusetts to receive information about rental housing with short waitlists or for apartments available first come/first serve.

Please use the links on this webpage to learn about affordable housing in Groton, State Assistance, and a description of various types of affordable housing.

Groton Massachusetts – Area Median Income Information

HUD, the federal government’s department of Housing and Urban Development, updates its area median income information annually.

The Town of Groton is in the Lowell, MA HUD Metropolitan Fair Market Rent (FMR) Area.

Here is the 2024 income information for our area:

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Phone: 978-732-1913
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Fran Stanley
Fran Stanley
Housing Coordinator

Housing Coordinator Documents

    1. Heritage_Landing_Groton_Comments_03-24-2022.pdf
    2. Heritage_Landing_Cow_Pond_Brook_Town_Comments_Request.pdf
    3. Heritage_Landing_40B_Revised_Application_02-02-2022.pdf
    1. Groton_FourCorners_220517_11x17L.pdf
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  1. Winthrop_Place_Flyer.pdf
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  3. resale-application_503-main-st.-unit-b-2023.pdf
  4. Rent-Limits-2023-for-MHP-Website.pdf
  5. RCAP_-_aff_housing_properties_2023.pdf
  6. ModelDeedRider.pdf
  7. MassHomeownersAssistanceFundFlyer.pdf
  8. Housing_Situation_Priority_Policy_For_LHAs.pdf
  9. Housing_Production_Plan_2020-2025.pdf
  10. Housing_Production_Plan_-_Presentation.pdf
  11. Groton_Housing_Authority__Flyer.pdf
  12. Groton_Commons_Flyer.pdf
  13. Groton_Commons_Application.pdf
  14. DHCD_Approval_Letter_2020-08-03.pdf
  15. DHCD_Age-Restricted_Housing_(55+)_Policy_2-18_(final)_(1).pdf
  16. CHAMP_Application_Form.pdf
  17. 797_Boston_Road_Zoning_Provisions.pdf
  18. 2020-11-30_Town_of_Groton_Emergency_Rental_Assistance_Guidelines.pdf