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Capital Planning Advisory Committee

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The Capital Planning Advisory Committee shall have continuing responsibility in advising the Town Manager in developing the Annual Five (5) Year Capital Plan, including the capital equipment replacement plan, developing a long-range building plan and other maintenance projects for the Town. In addition, they shall advise in the development and annual updating of a long-range building maintenance capital spending plan for all municipal buildings. Working with the Town Manager, Select Board, Finance Committee and other Town committees and boards which propose building and renovation projects, the Capital Planning Advisory Committee shall advise on establishment of general criteria for significant Capital expenditures, including equipment and buildings, and offer recommendations on developing guidelines for communication regarding these projects between and among interested committees and the public. The Capital Planning Advisory Committee shall advise the Town Manger in overseeing the planning and design for construction, reconstruction, major alteration, renovation, enlargement, major maintenance, demolition, and removal of all Town buildings and recreation structures and playing fields and courts, including any significant installation, renovation or upgrade of service equipment and major systems.

Contact Information

Email: selectboard@grotonma.gov
Phone: (978) 448-1111
Members: 5
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 3
Remuneration: None


David Manugian
David Manugian
Term Start: 2022-07-01
Term End: 2025-06-30
Jamie McDonald
Jamie McDonald
Term Start: 2024-07-01
Term End: 2027-06-30
Michael O
Michael O'Rourke
Term Start: 2022-07-01
Term End: 2025-06-30
Michael Sulprizio
Michael Sulprizio
Term Start: 2024-07-01
Term End: 2027-06-30

Capital Planning Advisory Committee Documents

    1. Capital_Planning_Advisory_Committee_approved_minutes_2023-04-24_id-14016.pdf
    2. Capital_Planning_Advisory_Committee_approved_minutes_2023-04-03_id-13963.pdf
    3. Capital_Planning_Advisory_Committee_approved_minutes_2023-02-27_id-13747.pdf
    4. Capital_Planning_Advisory_Committee_approved_minutes_2021-11-01_id-12495.pdf
    5. Capital_Planning_Advisory_Committee_approved_minutes_2021-09-27_id-12382.pdf
    6. Capital_Planning_Advisory_Committee_approved_minutes_2021-04-05_id-11973.pdf
    7. Capital_Planning_Advisory_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-12-14_id-11749.pdf
    8. Capital_Planning_Advisory_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-10-27_id-11642.pdf
    9. Capital_Planning_Advisory_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-10-05_id-11593.pdf
    10. Capital_Planning_Advisory_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-09-14_id-11562.pdf
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    2. Prescott_School_Reuse_Draft_Report_Bargmann.pdf
    3. Prescott_School_Lease_-_Final_-_2021.pdf
    4. Prescott_Overview.pdf
    5. Prescott_capital_repairs.pdf
    6. Prescott_-_Facility_Task_Force_Report.pdf
    7. Lead_Paint_Remediation_Quote.pdf
    8. Lead_Inspection_Report_-_June_2023.pdf
    9. Final_Bid_Set_-_Combined_Drawings_dated_011123.pdf
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