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Park Commission

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The Park Commissioners have under their care and jurisdiction the Town Commons (Badger, Firemen’s, Legion, Minuteman, New Town, Prescott, Orchard and Sawyer) and Parks (Hazel Grove Park, Carol Wheeler Memorial Park, the Smith Social Pavilion, George and Agnes Rider Park and Cutler Memorial Park) that were gifted to the Town along with various recreation areas including the Christine Hanson Memorial Playground, Evan Holofcener Ice Rink, the Lawrence Memorial Playground and the Woitowicz tennis courts. The Commissioners also have jurisdiction over the town fields, including: Alvin Sawyer Baseball Field, Woitowicz, Cow Pond and Legion. They:

  • have responsibility to protect these areas, some of which have special restrictions and legal agreements attached to the original gift; one area, the Old Burial Ground, is a shared responsibility (see Old Burial Ground Committee)
  • maintain storage sheds and buildings, irrigation systems, and equipment
  • work with the Planning Board to acquire more land and seek gifts of land, as the Town population grows and the need for recreational facilities increases for both children and adults

The Commission dates from the early 1900s, and the membership increased from three to five members in 1953. The Commissioners do not run recreational programs but care for and maintain the above properties and work very closely with the various recreational sports leagues.

All parks, commons, and fields are open from dawn to dusk, unless otherwise approved by the Parks Commission. Use of all parks, commons and fields are by permit only. To request the use of a field, please fill out the Field Use Permit (located in the documents area below) or pick one up at the Town Clerk’s office located at the Town Hall, 173 Main Street.

View Cow Pond Baseball Fields.

View General Map for Baseball Fields.

View Cow Pond Soccer and Lacrosse Field Layout.

Contact Information

Email: parks@grotonma.gov
Phone: 978-732-1893
Office: Town Hall | 173 Main Street
Hours: M 8:00am – 7:00pm; T-TH 8:00am – 4:00pm; F 8:00am – 1:00pm
Members: 5
Selection: Elected
Term In Years: 3
Remuneration: None


Anna Eliot
Anna Eliot
Term Start: 2024-04-23
Term End: 2027-05-18
Brenden S. Mahoney
Brenden S. Mahoney
Term Start: 2022-06-08
Term End: 2025-05-20
Brian Edmonds
Brian Edmonds
Term Start: 2024-04-23
Term End: 2025-05-20
Jeffrey Ohringer
Jeffrey Ohringer
Term Start: 2023-05-24
Term End: 2026-05-19
Mary A. Jennings
Mary A. Jennings
Term Start: 2023-05-24
Term End: 2026-05-19

Park Commission Documents

    1. Park_Commission_approved_minutes_2024-06-18_id-15245.pdf
    2. Park_Commission_approved_minutes_2024-06-04_id-15247.pdf
    3. Park_Commission_approved_minutes_2024-05-07_id-15159.pdf
    4. Park_Commission_approved_minutes_2024-04-09_id-15069.pdf
    5. Park_Commission_approved_minutes_2024-03-12_id-15020.pdf
    6. Park_Commission_approved_minutes_2024-03-05_id-14974.pdf
    7. Park_Commission_approved_minutes_2024-02-06_id-14876.pdf
    8. Park_Commission_approved_minutes_2024-01-10_id-14776.pdf
    9. Park_Commission_approved_minutes_2023-12-12_id-14702.pdf
    10. Park_Commission_approved_minutes_2023-11-14_id-14586.pdf
    11. Access additional meeting minutes and agendas at the Meeting Center
  1. SUMMER_Field_Use_Permit-2024-v4.pdf
  2. SPRING_Field_Use_Permit-2024-v4.pdf
  3. Hold_Harmless_Form_2024.pdf
  4. FALL_Field_Use_Permit-2024-v4.pdf
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