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Greenway Committee

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The Committee's official charge is to:
  • protect river and stream frontage in Groton, particularly along the Nashua and Squannacook Rivers
  • complete a buffer along these waterways to prevent pollution and provide flood protection, recreation, wildlife habitat, trail connectors, and scenic beauty
  • educate townspeople to the environmental and financial importance of protecting riverfront lands
  • seek gifts of land or easements along the riverways
  • seek the opportunity to purchase frontage
The Committee sponsors nature walks, canoe trips, river cleanups, and also an annual river festival.

The Committee was established in 1989 at the request of the Nashua River Watershed Association. Recommendations for initial membership were made by the Groton Conservation Commission. This is one of several greenway committees established by local governments to complete the protection of the Nashua and Squannacook Rivers. The Committee welcomes volunteers.

Contact Information

Email: selectboard@grotonma.gov
Phone: 978-448-1111
Members: 5
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 1
Remuneration: None


Adam Burnett
Adam Burnett
Term Start: 2021-07-01
Term End: 2022-06-30
Carol Coutrier
Carol Coutrier
Term Start: 2021-07-01
Term End: 2022-06-30
David Pitkin
David Pitkin
Term Start: 2021-07-01
Term End: 2022-06-30
Marina Khabituyeva
Marina Khabituyeva
Term Start: 2021-07-01
Term End: 2022-06-30

Greenway Committee Documents

    1. Greenway_Committee_approved_minutes_2021-01-14_id-11802.pdf
    2. Greenway_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-02-20_id-11182.pdf
    3. Greenway_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-01-23_id-11101.pdf
    4. Greenway_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-12-19_id-11011.pdf
    5. Greenway_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-11-07_id-10903.pdf
    6. Greenway_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-09-26_id-10791.pdf
    7. Greenway_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-06-13_id-10033.pdf
    8. Greenway_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-05-23_id-9973.pdf
    9. Greenway_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-05-09_id-9931.pdf
    10. Greenway_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-04-11_id-9844.pdf
    11. Access additional meeting minutes and agendas at the Meeting Center
  1. Map_of_Stream_Crossings.pdf
  2. Handouts_2012-08-21.pdf
  3. Fitch's_Bridge_Support.pdf
  4. 2006_Fitchs_Bridge_App.pdf
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