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Invasive Species Committee

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Invasive Species Control Committee


There are many invasive species in Groton that are displacing native species to the detriment of the overall ecosystem.  The lnvasives Control Committee is being formed to address this as a town-wide problem.


The committee will be made up of members serving as volunteers (unpaid).  Members are appointed by the selectmen to 1-year terms for each fiscal year.


The committee will report to the selectmen.


The exact actions of the committee will be determined by the members, taking into consideration the best interests of Groton and the most effective use of volunteers and other resources that may be provided to the committee.  However, it is expected at this time that the committee will undertake the following:

•   Survey and document the problem.  It will be useful to know what invasive species are found in town, where, and what problems they are causing.

•   Be a central point of contact for reporting of invasive issues and remediation actions. Invasive species trancend borders, so it is useful to maintain the       big picture of various individual efforts, both public and private.

•   Become educated and stay current with invasive species control techniques.

•   Recruit and maintain a list of volunteers to call on to help perform labor-intensive and other tasks.

•   Perform invasive species control in cooperation with land owners, both public and private.

•   Educate the public on invasive species.

Contact Information
Email: invasive@townofgroton.org
Phone: 978-448-1111
Members: 9
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 1
Remuneration: None


Adam Burnett
Adam Burnett
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2021-06-30
Brian Bettencourt
Brian Bettencourt
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2021-06-30
Jonathan Basch
Jonathan Basch
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2021-06-30
Olin Lathrop
Olin Lathrop
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2021-06-30
Richard Hewitt
Richard Hewitt
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2021-06-30

Invasive Species Committee Documents

    1. InvasiveSpecies-MultifloraRoseBrochure-Printable.pdf
    2. InvasiveSpecies-KnotweedBrochure-Printable.pdf
    3. InvasiveSpecies-KnotweedBrochure-Onscreen.pdf
    4. InvasiveSpecies-BurningBushBrochure-Printable.pdf
    5. InvasiveSpecies-BurningBushBrochure-Onscreen.pdf
    6. InvasiveSpecies-BlackSwallowwort-Printable.pdf
    7. InvasiveSpecies-BittersweetBrochure-Printable.pdf
    8. InvasiveSpecies-BittersweetBrochure-Onscreen.pdf
    9. InvasiveSpecies-BarberryBrochure-Printable.pdf
    10. InvasiveSpecies-BarberryBrochure-Onscreen.pdf
    11. InvasiveSpecies-AutumnOliveBrochure-Printable.pdf
    1. Invasive_Species_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-07-20_id-11460.pdf
    2. Invasive_Species_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-06-15_id-11399.pdf
    3. Invasive_Species_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-05-18_id-11326.pdf
    4. Invasive_Species_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-02-17_id-11172.pdf
    5. Invasive_Species_Committee_approved_minutes_2020-01-20_id-11090.pdf
    6. Invasive_Species_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-11-18_id-10932.pdf
    7. Invasive_Species_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-08-19_id-10683.pdf
    8. Invasive_Species_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-07-15_id-10122.pdf
    9. Invasive_Species_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-06-17_id-10043.pdf
    10. Invasive_Species_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-05-20_id-9400.pdf
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  1. Emerald_Ash_Borer_Seminar.pdf
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