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Clubs & Organizations

Friends of the Nashua River Rail Trail

Website: http://www.fnrrt.org/
Email: webmaster@fnrrt.org

Friends of the Tree Warden

Website: Our Facebook Page
Phone: (978) 448-9235
Email: friendsofthetreewarden@gmail.com

Groton Grange #7

Phone: (978) 273-3651
Email: Redstone_43@yahoo.com

Groton Garden Club

Website: http://www.grotongardenclub.org
Email: gardenclubgrotonma@gmail.com

Groton Neighborhood Food Project

Website: https://grotonfoodproject.com/
Email: info@grotonfoodproject.com

Groton Visitor Center

Website: https://www.grotonmavisitorcenter.org
Phone: (978) 877-6933
Email: connectwithus@prescottscc.org

Groton Woman’s Club

Website: http://grotonwomansclub.com/
Phone: (978) 272-1172
Email: info@grotonwomansclub.com

Nashaway Girl Scouts

Website: https://www.gsema.org
Email: nashaway.gsema@gmail.com

Prescott Community Center

Website: https://prescottscc.org/
Phone: (978) 877-6933
Email: prescottscc@gmail.com

BSA Troop 1 (boy) & Troop 13 (girl) West Groton

Website: https://www.troopwebhost.org/Troop1Groton/
Phone: 978-448-2440
Email: troop1westgroton@gmail.com

Troop 3

Website: https://www.troopwebhost.org/Troop3Groton/
Email: troop3grotonma@gmail.com