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Community Preservation Committee

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Section 1 Establishment

There is hereby created a Community Preservation Committee under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 44B section 5 consisting of seven (7) members as follows:

A. One (1) member of the Conservation Commission as designated by the Commission
B. One (1) member of the Historical Commission as designated by the Commission
C. One (1)member of the Planning Board as designated by the Board
D. One (1) member of the Parks Commission as designated by the Commission
E. One (1) member of the Housing Authority as designated by the Authority
F. Two (2) at large members appointed by the Select Board

Initially, the members designated by the Conservation Commission, Historical Commission and Planning Board will serve for three (3) years, the members designated by the Parks Commission and the Housing Authority will serve for two (2) years, and the members appointed by the Select Board will serve for one (1) year. Subsequent appointments shall be for a term of three years or until the person no longer serves in the position or on the board or committee as set forth above, whichever is earlier.

Should any of the officers, commissions, boards or committees who have appointing authority under this by law be no longer in existence for whatever reason, the Select Board shall appoint a suitable person to serve in their place.

Any member of the Committee may be removed for cause by their respective appointing authority after a hearing.

Section 2: Duties

A. The Community Preservation Committee shall study the needs, possibilities and resources of the town regarding community preservation. The committee shall consult with existing municipal boards, including the Conservation Commission, the Historical Commission, the Planning Board, the Parks Commission and the Housing Authority in conducting such studies. As part of its study, the committee shall hold one annual public informational hearing, or more at its discretion, on the needs, possibilities and resources of the town regarding community preservation possibilities and resources, notice of which shall be published for each of two weeks preceding a hearing in a newspaper of general circulation in the town.

B. The Community Preservation Committee shall make recommendations to the Town Meeting for the acquisition, creation and preservation of open space; for the acquisition, preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of historic resources; for the acquisition, creation and preservation of land for recreational use; for the creation, preservation and support of community housing; and for the rehabilitation or restoration of such open space, land for recreational use and community housing that is acquired or created as provided in this section. With respect to community housing, the community preservation committee shall recommend, wherever possible, the reuse of existing buildings or construction of new buildings on previously developed sites.

C. The Community Preservation Committee may include in its recommendation to the Town Meeting a recommendation to set aside for later spending funds for specific purposes that are consistent with community preservation but for which sufficient revenues are not then available in the Community Preservation Fund to accomplish that specific purpose or to set aside for later spending funds for general purposes that are consistent with community preservation.

D. In every fiscal year, the Community Preservation Committee must recommend either that the legislative body spend, or set aside for later spending, not less than 10% of the annual revenues in the Community Preservation Fund for (1) open space (not including land for recreational use) (2) historic resources, and (3) community housing.

Section 3: Requirement for a quorum and cost estimate

Contact Information

Email: communitypreservation@grotonma.gov
Phone: 978-448-1140
Fax: 978-448-1113
Members: 7
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 3
Remuneration: None


Anna Eliot
Anna Eliot
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2023-06-30
Bruce Easom
Bruce Easom
Term Start: 2019-07-01
Term End: 2022-06-30
Carolyn Perkins
Carolyn Perkins
Term Start: 2019-12-09
Term End: 2021-06-30
Daniel Emerson
Daniel Emerson
Term Start: 2018-10-03
Term End: 2021-06-30
Richard Hewitt
Richard Hewitt
Term Start: 2018-07-01
Term End: 2021-06-30
Robert Degroot
Robert Degroot
Term Start: 2018-09-27
Term End: 2021-06-30
Timothy M. Svarczkopf
Timothy M. Svarczkopf
Term Start: 2020-07-01
Term End: 2023-06-30

Community Preservation Committee Documents

    1. Community_Preservation_Plan_2020-2021.pdf
    2. Community_Preservation_Plan_2019-2020.pdf
    3. Community_Preservation_Plan_2018_-_2019.pdf
    4. Community_Preservation_Plan_2017-2018.pdf
    5. Community_Preservation_Plan_2016-2017.pdf
    6. Community_Preservation_Plan_2015.pdf
    7. Community_Preservation_Plan_2014.pdf
    8. Community_Preservation_Plan_2013.pdf
    9. Community_Preservation_Plan_2012.pdf
    10. Community_Preservation_Plan_2011.pdf
    1. 2020-2021_CPA_Project_Summary.pdf
    2. 2020-2021_CPA_Project_Application.pdf
    1. 2019-09_FY19_Conservation_Fund_-_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    2. 2019-09_Conservation_Fund_FY19_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL_Part_B.pdf
    3. 2019-09_Conservation_Fund_FY19_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL_Part_A.pdf
    4. 2019-08_Duck_Pond_Restoration_CDP.pdf
    5. 2019-08_Duck_Pond_Restoration_-_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    6. 2019-07_Library_Pocket_Doors_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    7. 2019-07_Library_Pocket_Doors_-_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    8. 2019-06_Marion_Stoddart_Riverwalk_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    9. 2019-06_Marion_Stoddart_Riverwalk_–_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    10. 2019-05_Baddacook_Pond_Year_3_-_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    11. 2019-05_Baddacook_Pond_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    12. 2019-04_JD_Poor_Mural_Preservation_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    13. 2019-04_JD_Poor_Mural_Preservation_-_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    14. 2019-03_Prescott_School_Preservation_Phase_3_-_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    15. 2019-03_Friends_of_Prescott_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    16. 2019-02_Meeting_House_Phase_2_-_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    17. 2019-02_First_Parish_Church_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    18. 2019-01_Housing_Coordinator_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    19. 2019-01_Housing_Coordinator_-_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    1. 2020-14_Resurfacing_of_GDHS_Track_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    2. 2020-14_Resurfacing_of_GDHS_Track_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    3. 2020-13_Cemetary_Renovation_Preservation_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    4. 2020-12_Housing_Coordinator_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    5. 2020-12_Housing_Coordinator_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    6. 2020-10_Fitch’s_Bridge_Wall_Repair_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    7. 2020-10_Fitch_Bridge_Wall_Repair_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    8. 2020-06_1893_Historic_Library_Preservation_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    9. 2020-04_Country_Club_Housing_Feasibility_Study_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    10. 2020-03_Conservation_Fund_FY20_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    11. 2020-03_Conservation_Fund_FY20_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    12. 2020-02_Historic_Volumes_Storage_Cabinet_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    13. 2020-02_Historic_Volumes_Storage_Cabinet_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    14. 2020-01_Housing_Production_Plan_FINAL_PROPOSAL.pdf
    15. 2020-01_Housing_Production_Plan_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    16. 2020_Library_FINAL_PROPOSAL_3_of_3.pdf
    17. 2020_Library_FINAL_PROPOSAL_2_of_3.pdf
    18. 2020_Library_FINAL_PROPOSAL_1_of_3.pdf
    1. 2021-12_Prescott_Sprinklers_Phase_III_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    2. 2021-10_Cannon_Restoration_COMPLETE__DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    3. 2021-08_Housing_Coordinator_FY2021_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    4. 2021-07_Hazel_Grove_Park_Infield_Tower_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    5. 2021-06_Restoration_of_Original_1893_Oak_Pocket_Doors_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    6. 2021-05_Tennis_Court_Refurbishing_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    7. 2021-04_Portrait_Restoration_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    8. 2021-03_Conservation_Fund_FY2021_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    9. 2021-02_Knops_Pond_and_Lost_Lake_COMPLETE_DRAFT_PROPOSAL.pdf
    1. 2022-14_Middle_School_Track_Construction.pdf
    2. 2022-13_Original_Interior_Skylight_Restoration.pdf
    3. 2022-12_Multi-Use_Recreational_Courts_at_the_Groton_Country_Club,_Restoration_Project.pdf
    4. 2022-10_Conservation_Fund_FY2022.pdf
    5. 2022-09_Groton_Dunstable_Natural_Field_Restoration_Plan.pdf
    6. 2022-08_Housing_Coordinator.pdf
    7. 2022-07_Duck_Pond_Restoration_&_Preservation,_Phase_2.pdf
    8. 2022-06_Squannacook_River_Rail_Trail.pdf
    9. 2022-04_Site_Assessment_Study.pdf
    10. 2022-03_Non-Point_Sources_of_Pollution_in_Lost_Lake_Knops_Pond_Watershed.pdf
    11. 2022-03_Non-Point_Sources_of_Pollution_in_Lost_Lake_Knops_Pond_Watershed_Attachments.docx
    12. 2022-02_Field_and_Recreation_Feasibility_Study.pdf
    13. 2022-01_Maintenance_and_Mausoleum_Restoration.pdf
    1. Community_Preservation_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-08-26_id-10154.pdf
    2. Community_Preservation_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-08-12_id-10156.pdf
    3. Community_Preservation_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-07-22_id-10126.pdf
    4. Community_Preservation_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-06-24_id-10057.pdf
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    9. Community_Preservation_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-03-25_id-9789.pdf
    10. Community_Preservation_Committee_approved_minutes_2019-03-11_id-9733.pdf
    11. Access additional meeting minutes and agendas at the Meeting Center
  1. Information_on_CPA_Project_Application.pdf
  2. CPA_Example_Form_-_Rail_Trail__Proposal.pdf
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