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Silent Movie by Mel Brooks

Event Details

Tickets: Adult $20 and Youth (under 18) $10. Go to Emcatos.com to purchase

Mel Brooks’ Silent Movie  is an American satirical comedy film co-written, directed by and starring Mel Brooks, and released by 20th Century Fox in June 1976.

The ensemble cast includes Dom DeLuise, Marty Feldman, Bernadette Peters, and Sid Caesar, with appearances by Anne Bancroft, Liza Minnelli, Burt Reynolds, James Caan, Marcel Marceau, and Paul Newman playing themselves.

While indeed silent (except for one spoken word and David Peckham’s fantastic live accompaniment on the Wurlitzer), the film is a parody of the silent film genre, particularly the slapstick comedies of Charlie Chaplin, Mack Sennett, and Buster Keaton.

Needless to say, it is a barrel of laughs, full of zany characters and gags!  Cinematic Comedic Genius at its best!

David Peckham is well-known to theatre organ audiences throughout the world as an excellent silent movie accompanist and concert artist.  He currently lives in Horsehead, NY and works in his family’s pipe organ repair service.  David is the American Theatre Organ Society’s 2016 Organist of the Year and is the resident organist of the Clemens Center in Elmira, NY.  He has many recordings to his credit and is often the featured organist in concert with symphony orchestras, concert bands and jazz ensembles.