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Press Release – Glass Recycling



November 9, 2020


In 2018, the Town of Groton received a State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Grant to install a glass recycling facility at our Transfer Station.  The facility crushes the glass and basically returns the glass to a fine sand which can be used for public works projects including anti slip material for ground surfaces.  Finely crushed glass is basically a very pure form of sand.  Last winter, the Groton DPW mixed this finely crushed glass with our sand and salt supply and used it on road surfaces during winter storm events.

For whatever reason this year, the DPW did not mix the recycled glass materials as well as we have in the past.  This, coupled with the extremely nice weather after the first snow storm, made the material more visible to the public, which led to many questions and concerns.  Due to these concerns, and in light of the impact it has had on our residents, we will cease using this material in snow and ice control this winter.  The DPW will send out the street sweeper to areas impacted by this usage to remove the remnants.  Please note that there is still some of this material left in our sand/salt mixture.  The DPW will better mix this batch since it would be impossible to remove it.  Once this is used up, we will no longer be using the glass material in our sand/salt mixture.

As Town Manager, I apologize for the concerns this has caused and we will work diligently to correct it in the future.


Mark W. Haddad

Town Manager