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Please be aware this page is for historical purposes only. This committee is marked inactive in our system and is no longer meeting or assigned.

Economic Development Committee


Our Mission: Economic Development

The 2011 Groton Master Plan is a plan to guide Groton’s future by balancing economic opportunity and social equity with protecting the natural resources on which the town and its region depend. This plan established goals for core elements of community development and calls for a coordinated approach to addressing Groton’s present and future needs.

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The Economic Development Committee (EDC) will work proactively to promote and encourage the development of Groton’s commercial tax base enhancing the quality of life in Groton. The EDC will promote, support and expand our local business community in addition to engaging new business to establish, invest and grow in Groton. An expanded business community will offer resources to town residents that will enable them to live work and thrive in an economically forward looking and financially strong community.

The Vision of the EDC:

To enhance the character, culture and commerce of Groton Massachusetts as a destination community supporting the quintessential “New England” experience through such activities as outdoor recreation, music, arts and education for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike.


Leverage Groton’s natural resources, and educational, agricultural, artisan, and commercial entities to attract visitors to Groton who are interested in ecotourism , as well as recreational, historic, cultural and educational activities.


In addition to recreational and cultural offerings, Groton is unique in its historical and agricultural background, geographical characteristics, and natural beauty. Groton has hiking trails; biking trails; rivers for kayaking and canoeing; trails for snowshoeing and cross country skiing; a country club for playing golf; and lakes and ponds for swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding. Nationally known as the home to the Groton School and Lawrence Academy, and recognized for its highly rated public schools, and the Groton History Center.

Economic Development Goals & Objectives:


Identify, prioritize and develop economic opportunities and relationships that are sensitive to the intent of the master plan, the character and culture of Groton, which root Groton as a holistic and exceptional community in which residents can live, work and thrive while visitors can engage and enjoy Groton as a destination community for recreation, music, arts and education.


Ensure the community, local businesses, committees and outside interested parties are easily connected to information and tools that facilitate the role and mission of the Economic Development Committee in Groton. Provide accessible information relative to past, present and future policies and other information that reinforce the importance and benefits of Economic Development and identifies Groton as being business friendly.


Provide a communication plans to various audiences to promote Groton as a place to visit, enjoy and invest.


Review current regulations and/or policies through the lens of economic development, as well as facilitate and support modification of existing policies and/or development of new policies that will promote existing or new businesses to grow and stay in Groton.

Contact Information

Members: 7
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 1
Remuneration: None

Economic Development Committee Documents

    1. Economic_Development_Committee_approved_minutes_2018-09-18_id-9201.pdf
    2. Economic_Development_Committee_approved_minutes_2018-05-24_id-8756.pdf
    3. Economic_Development_Committee_approved_minutes_2018-04-18_id-5188.pdf
    4. Economic_Development_Committee_approved_minutes_2018-03-14_id-4988.pdf
    5. Economic_Development_Committee_approved_minutes_2018-01-03_id-4778.pdf
    6. Economic_Development_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-12-13_id-4747.pdf
    7. Economic_Development_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-10-18_id-4627.pdf
    8. Economic_Development_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-09-21_id-4564.pdf
    9. Economic_Development_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-09-07_id-4530.pdf
    10. Economic_Development_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-07-19_id-4432.pdf
    11. Access additional meeting minutes and agendas at the Meeting Center
  1. Permtting_Guide_2016.pdf
  2. Opening_a_New_Business.pdf
  3. Newly_Developed_Town_of_Groton_Guide_to_Permitting_press_release_05252016.pdf
  4. EDC-Presentation-06Oct2016-Pease.ppt
  5. EDC_Letter_to_Selectmen_02-18-16.pdf
  6. EDC_Letter_Re._Four_Corners_Sewer_Project_03-31-15.pdf
  7. EDC_Letter_-_Disposition_of_the_Prescott_School_05-09-17.pdf
  8. EDC_Annual_Report_to_BOS_12-19-16.GMCEdits__FREdits.pdf
  9. EDC_Annual_Report_to_BOS_09-29-15.pdf
  10. EDC_2016_Groton_Economic_Development_Priorities_02-18-16.pdf
  11. Economic_Development_Committee_Report_for_2016.GCedits.pptx
  12. Economic_Development_Committee_Planning_Board_Support_Letter_for_Southcoast_.pdf
  13. Economic_Development_Committee_Mission_and_Membership.pdf
  14. Economic_Development_Committee_Letter_to_BOS_Re__Permitting_Process_2012-01-31.pdf
  15. Economic_Development_Committee_Charge_-_Vision_Statement,_Mission_Statement.pdf
  16. Economic_Development_Committee_BoS_Support_Letter_for_Southcoast_Development.pdf
  17. Economic_Development_Committee__Perpetual_Action_Items_List.pdf
  18. 2017_Economic_Development_Committee_Charge_-_Vision_Statement,_Mission_Statement.pdf
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