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Please be aware this page is for historical purposes only. This committee is marked inactive in our system and is no longer meeting or assigned.

GIS Steering Committee


The GIS Steering Subcommittee will work on the planning and implementation of a Town GIS, and will advise and assist a GIS administrator in these tasks.

Responsibilities of the Committee:
Advise and assist a GIS administrator.
Completion of a Town Needs Assessment Report, and an Implementation Plan
Interview most boards and committees in Town to determine the priorities in GIS implementation, including determining priorities for layers of data.
Submit a GIS Assessment report to the Computer Committee and to the Select Board.
Write and review the Implementation Plan in consultation with the boards and committees interviewed during the Needs Assessment. The Implementation Plan will consist of hardware and software recommendations, as well as programs for training users and for converting legacy data into the format used by the database.
Stepwise Implementation of a GIS
The GIS will be developed independently and in parallel by departments willing to contribute their own efforts, coordinated by GIS subcommittee members and assisted when necessary by expert consultants.

Relationship to Other Officials or Committees:
The GIS Subcommittee reports to the Computer Committee through a liaison member.
Each member of the GIS Steering Subcommittee is assigned responsibility for communications with several client boards or committees, and will assist these client boards or committees with training in the use of the GIS. The Subcommittee will decide the choice of assignments.

Contact Information

Email: planning@grotonma.gov
Phone: (978) 448-1105
Members: 5
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 2
Remuneration: None

GIS Steering Committee Documents