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Please be aware this page is for historical purposes only. This committee is marked inactive in our system and is no longer meeting or assigned.

Center Fire Station Building Committee


The Building Committee shall be appointed by the Town Manager, pursuant to Section 4-2(c) of the Town of Groton Charter. The Building Committee shall report to the Town Manager and facilitate the building of a new Center Fire Station for the Town of Groton. The Committee will assist and advise the Town Manager in the review of Architect proposals for a Site Analysis of the Lawrence Homestead Trust, and in the selection of a preferred lead Architect and associated contract negotiations.

The Committee will work with the retained Architect to deliver the Site Analysis which will include a capacity and site needs analysis, site evaluation, schematic drawings and cost estimates sufficient for presentation to voters at Town Meeting. The Committee will review similar criteria available for Prescott and Station Ave sites, and will prepare a Site Selection Recommendation for the Select Board. The Committee will endeavor to have the Site Selection Recommendation ready for the April 30, 2012 Town Meeting.

Upon approval of site and design funding by Town Meeting, the Committee will work with the Town Manager to select an architect to prepare a final design and to put the project out to bid in anticipation of presentation at the 2012 Fall Town Meeting. The Committee will assist the Town Manager in the oversight of the selected contractor and be responsible for recommending to the Town Manager the approval of change orders, invoices and milestone reviews.

The Committee's work will be complete when all construction and contractual obligations for the new Center Fire Station have been completed.

Contact Information

Email: firefaq@grotonma.gov
Phone: (978) 448-1105
Members: 7
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 1
Remuneration: None

Center Fire Station Building Committee Documents

    1. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_approved_minutes_2014-01-27_id-1592.pdf
    2. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_approved_minutes_2014-01-06_id-1524.pdf
    3. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-11-22_id-1426.pdf
    4. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-10-18_id-1334.pdf
    5. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-09-20_id-1208.pdf
    6. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-07-26_id-1092.pdf
    7. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-07-12_id-1072.pdf
    8. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-06-21_id-1029.pdf
    9. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-06-05_id-973.pdf
    10. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-05-03_id-881.pdf
    11. Access additional meeting minutes and agendas at the Meeting Center
  1. Center_Fire_Station_Community_Meeting_2012-04-04.pdf
  2. Center_Fire_Station_Community_Meeting_2012-03-21.pdf
  3. Center_Fire_Station_Community_Meeting_2012_06_06.pdf
  4. Center_Fire_Station_Building_Committee_Final_Report.pdf
  5. Building_Committee_Charge.pdf