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Please be aware this page is for historical purposes only. This committee is marked inactive in our system and is no longer meeting or assigned.

Town Meeting Senior Center Review Committee


This Page is for reference purposes only. This committee has since been dissolved and has been followed up by a new committee. The Senior Center Building Committee was formed in 2017.

The 2016 Spring Town Meeting appropriated a sum of money to conduct a feasibility/assessment study to determine the future needs of the Groton Senior Center, including whether a new facility is needed.  The Council on Aging appointed a Feasibility Oversight Committee to hire the necessary consultants to assist in the Review.  The Select Board and Feasibility Oversight Committee determined that additional review of the Prescott School as a potential site was warranted and presented an Article to the 2016 Fall Town Meeting requesting additional funding to conduct this review.  Specifically, the Town Meeting voted as follows:

Moved that the Town vote to transfer the sum of $20,000 from the Excess and Deficiency Fund (Free Cash), in addition to the amount appropriated under Article 7 of the 2016 Spring Town Meeting, to be expended by the Town Manager, for the purpose of retaining a consultant(s) who will work with a seven member committee appointed by the Town Manager consisting of three members of the prior Municipal Building Committee for Prescott School and four members of the Council on Aging’s Feasibility Oversight Committee, to conduct a feasibility/assessment study to determine the future needs of the Groton Senior Center, including whether a new facility is needed, and all costs associated and related thereto.


The Committee shall be responsible for the oversight and vetting of the work conducted by the Feasibility Oversight Committee’s consultant.  The Committee’s work should include, but not be limited to the following:

1.         Review October 3, 2016 Final Report and all relevant documentation (including previous reports and recommendations) concerning the siting of a Senior Center to determine completeness and validity of the findings.

2.         Review cost and potential funding sources for a Senior Center, regardless of location.

3.         Determine potential for Prescott School Access Road to include wetlands delineation and projected costs.

4.         Develop Prescott School CAD drawings pertaining to Senior Center Requirements as defined in program needs.

5.         Assess traffic control measures.

6.         Other related work to assess the viability of renovating the Prescott School to accommodate Groton’s Senior Citizens Center

7.         Report progress and findings of their work to the Select Board, Finance Committee and Council on Aging at joint meetings as necessary.    

8.         Report findings to Town Meeting no later than the Spring Town Meeting, 2017.


All meetings are to be held in a public location, properly posted and open to the public in accordance with the Massach

Contact Information

Members: 7
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 1
Remuneration: None

Town Meeting Senior Center Review Committee Documents

    1. Town_Meeting_Senior_Center_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-04-07_id-4202.pdf
    2. Town_Meeting_Senior_Center_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-31_id-4191.pdf
    3. Town_Meeting_Senior_Center_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-27_id-4179.pdf
    4. Town_Meeting_Senior_Center_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-23_id-4168.pdf
    5. Town_Meeting_Senior_Center_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-16_id-4128.pdf
    6. Town_Meeting_Senior_Center_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-09_id-4090.pdf
    7. Town_Meeting_Senior_Center_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-02-17_id-4059.pdf
    8. Town_Meeting_Senior_Center_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-01-27_id-4000.pdf
    9. Town_Meeting_Senior_Center_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2016-12-09_id-3769.pdf
    10. Town_Meeting_Senior_Center_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2016-11-14_id-3740.pdf
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