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Please be aware this page is for historical purposes only. This committee is marked inactive in our system and is no longer meeting or assigned.

Charter Review Committee


Committee Charge
At least once in every 10 year period after the effective date of this charter, a special committee consisting of 7 members shall, by an affirmative vote of the majority of the full board of selectmen, be established for the purpose of reviewing this charter and reporting its recommendations to the spring town meeting concerning any proposed amendments which the committee may determine to be necessary or desirable. The committee shall consist of 7 members who shall be appointed as follows the board of selectmen shall designate 3 persons; the finance committee shall designate 2 persons; and the Groton-Dunstable regional school committee and the moderator shall each designate 1 person. Persons appointed may, but need not, be members of the agency by which they are designated. The committee shall meet to organize forthwith after the final adjournment of the spring town meeting. The committee shall hold a public hearing within 30 days after the date on which it meets to organize and at least 1 additional public hearing before filing its final report.


Contact Information

Email: towncharterreviewcommittee@grotonma.gov
Phone: 978-448-1100
Fax: 978-448-2030
Office: c/o Town Clerk, 173 Main Street
Hours: Refer to committee schedule in right margin. Meetings are broadcast live and rebroadcast daily at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.
Members: 7
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 1
Remuneration: None

Charter Review Committee Documents

    1. 2010_Groton_Town_Charter.pdf
    1. Submissions_by_Charter_Section_2015-09-25.pdf
    2. Standard_and_Poor's_Report_-_Groton_2014.pdf
    3. Secretary_of_State_-_Local_Charter_Procedures.pdf
    4. MMMA_-_Management_Flow_Chart.pdf
    5. Mass_Municipal_Association_-_Case_Study_-_Groton_Charter_Process_(2009).pdf
    6. Groton_Town_Meeting_-_Charter_Adoption_2007.pdf
    7. Division_of_Local_Services_-_Groton_Review_2014.pdf
    8. Division_of_Local_Services_-_Groton_Review_2004.pdf
    9. Division_of_Local_Services_-_Charter_Checklist.pdf
    10. Division_of_Local_Services_-_Charter_Amendments.pdf
    11. Charter_-_Forms_of_Government_Overview_(K&P_-_DHCD).pdf
    12. Charter_-_Forms_of_Government_Organization_Charts_(K&P_-_DHCD).pdf
    1. Charter_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-05-03_id-3763.pdf
    2. Charter_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-04-05_id-4073.pdf
    3. Charter_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-04-05_id-3759.pdf
    4. Charter_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-29_id-3758.pdf
    5. Charter_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-22_id-3757.pdf
    6. Charter_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-15_id-3756.pdf
    7. Charter_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-08_id-4072.pdf
    8. Charter_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-08_id-3554.pdf
    9. Charter_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-03-01_id-3513.pdf
    10. Charter_Review_Committee_approved_minutes_2017-02-22_id-3512.pdf
    11. Access additional meeting minutes and agendas at the Meeting Center
    1. CRC_Press_Release_New_Submissions_10-31-16.pdf
    1. Submissions_After_Sep_18_2015_as_of_2017-02-01.pdf
    2. Public_Comments_Report_2015-09-21.pdf
    3. Comment_Submission_Form.pdf