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Please be aware this page is for historical purposes only. This committee is marked inactive in our system and is no longer meeting or assigned.

Town Meeting Review Study Committee


The Town Meeting Review Study Committee shall be appointed by the Select Board, pursuant to Section 3-2 of the Town of Groton Charter.  In an effort to promote and increase participation in Town Meeting, the Town Meeting Review Study Committee shall report to the Select Board and conduct a complete review of the Town Meeting form of Government and determine whether changes, if any, should be made to Town Meeting.  More specifically the Committee shall:

1.         Review the Open Town Meeting and study different options to this form of Government, i.e. Representative Town Meeting, etc.

2.         Develop recommendations on the best day of the week to hold TownMeeting in order to increase participation (i.e. Monday night vs.Saturday morning)

3.         Examine accessibility issues and research available technologies thatoffer solutions for greater voter participation while maintaining theintegrity of the meeting and voting.

4.         Consider options for educating new and existing voters on Town Meetingand make recommendations.

The Committee shall endeavor to complete its work in a reasonable amount of time, but should have its recommendation to the Select Board no later than June 30, 2013.

The Committee's work will be complete when it makes its recommendation to the Select Board.

Committee Members:  The Committee shall consist of seven (7) members.  The Town Moderator, Town Clerk and Town Manager shall serve as advisors to this Committee.

Contact Information

Email: selectboard@grotonma.gov
Phone: 978-448-1111
Fax: 978-448-1115
Members: 7
Selection: Appointed
Term In Years: 1
Remuneration: None

Town Meeting Review Study Committee Documents

    1. Town_Meeting_Review_Study_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-08-27_id-1138.pdf
    2. Town_Meeting_Review_Study_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-08-14_id-1109.pdf
    3. Town_Meeting_Review_Study_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-07-09_id-1047.pdf
    4. Town_Meeting_Review_Study_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-05-28_id-911.pdf
    5. Town_Meeting_Review_Study_Committee_approved_minutes_2013-01-30_id-644.pdf
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