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Please be aware this page is for historical purposes only. This committee is marked inactive in our system and is no longer meeting or assigned.

Information Technology Committee


This Committee was created as a result of the merger of the Computer Committee and Website Committee voted by the Select Board on January 8, 2007.

The Information Technology Committee shall be responsible for:

1. Performing long-range strategic I.T. planning to support current and future technology and government business initiatives. This includes setting the direction and recommending policies for hardware, software, infrastructure, training, projects, and any other area concomitant to the successful implementation of I.T. projects that support the Town’s functions.
2. Performing annual and long-range budgeting for I.T. related purchases. Budget shall be developed and submitted to the town in line with common practice. The budget shall account for department needs for purchases, training, and other I.T. related costs.
3. Developing and continually executing a Business Continuity plan to protect the Town’s electronically stored information. This includes the data backup and restore process, a plan for disaster recovery and operational continuance in case of physical asset loss, and measures to prevent virus and spyware intrusion.
4. Operating or overseeing the networking infrastructure including file storage, email, printing, and internet access.
5. Operating or overseeing maintenance of the Town’s web site.
6. Using industry best practices for configuration and operation of the I.T. infrastructure including network topology, management tools, etc.
7. Developing and performing or overseeing a support function to provide implementation and maintenance support of the information systems.
8. Comprehensively and proactively manage I.T. assets for all Town departments and agencies, insuring integration with back-end databases, intranet use, and web sites. This includes collecting disparate files, databases, web sites, etc. and integrating them into the Town’s information architecture. Insure adherence to published Town standards and procedures for I.T. asset acquisition and support.
9. Periodically reviewing the Town web site functionality and appearance to keep it fresh, active, and valuable to the community and Town personnel.
10. Developing and maintaining an asset inventory and information directory. This includes a list of all hardware and software applications used to conduct business in any Town department or agency, along with the physical location (building/floor/room) and electronic locations (computer network name & directory) of such assets such as databases, directory structures, intranet URL’s, domain names, email addresses, etc.
11. Oversee training of Town personnel in the use of the technology environment, in accordance with Town and Committee policies, initiatives, and training budget.
12. Advise Town departments or Committees on technology or information related matters. Assist implementation of departments’ technology initiatives.
13. Oversee and advise on telephone and other electronic equipment such as printers, copiers, FAX, etc.

Relationship to other Officials and Committees:
The I.T. Committee provides a service to all areas of Town government, as a supplier of a horizontal strategic utility. As such, there should be frequent and close contact between all Town departments and the I.T. Committee.

Representatives of Town departments should be actively solicited to attend I.T. Committee meetings to discuss needs, problems, and ideas. Likewise, a representative from the I.T. Committee should visit the various departments or attend official meetings to remind them of I.T. functions and offerings, and to see if there are any perceived needs.

I.T. planning should be part of every department’s consideration. New staff may require a computer and additional software licenses, logon accounts, and may have specific needs for data access, all of which should be communicated to th

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