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Update for the Florence Roche Elementary School

Update for the Florence Roche Elementary School

As of Monday, October 17, 2022 @ 3:30 PM

The Nashoba Associated Boards of Health is the Health Agent and Public Health Nurse for the Groton Board of Health and in those roles, we have been involved with the matter at the Florence Roche School; here is a summary of our involvement with the school.

The Superintendent first contacted me late Thursday night and we spoke early Friday morning to review the situation.  I recommended additional cleaning of the school, directed our Food Inspector to inspect the kitchen and had our Public Health Nurse contact the school Nurse to discuss the situation.

Our Food Inspector was on site, inspected the kitchen and reviewed cleaning and sanitizing procedures with the staff.  The Inspector found the kitchen to be clean and well maintained; there was evidence of mice droppings in an adjacent storage area which she addressed the Staff.

After speaking with the School Nurse, our Public Health Nurse contacted the MA Department of Public Health to confer on the situation and they were in communication during the day on Friday.

As cases continued, the school department decided to dismiss school early and the MA Department of Public Health provided resources and direction for next steps, included cleaning recommendations.

During the on-site inspection the Inspector was informed that a food service worker at the Florence Roche had called out sick on Thursday and our office is working with the individual to obtain testing prior to their return to work at the school.

I spoke with the Superintendent this morning and she informed me the school department has been in the process of cleaning the school in preparation of reopening.  We also discussed monitoring the absences at the other schools; we will stay in contact with the Superintendent for updates on the situation.

There were concerns regarding potential plumbing leaks in bathrooms fixtures in the school.  I visited the school today and inspected the bathroom facilities for the students with the Facilities Director.   My inspection did not reveal any leaking fixtures, there were some toilet facilities which were out of order (clearly marked) and some of the sinks had been disabled to encourage social distancing.

The Facilities Director informed me they cleaned the school over the weekend and disinfected the rooms as they did during COVID.


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