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PRESS RELEASE – Groton Hill Music



MARCH 28, 2022


The Town of Groton and Groton Hill Music are pleased and excited to announce the establishment of a Groton Community Fund.

Through mutual cooperation between the parties, Groton Hill Music has agreed to establish a two ($2.00) dollar fee, to be shown on tickets as the Groton Community Fund Fee.  It will be added to the cost of each ticket and paid by concert-goers when they purchase tickets to professional performances presented at Groton Hill Music Center. This fee will provide the Town with additional revenue that will be used to provide necessary services to the community.

While concerts like student performances, rentals, concerts for high-need populations, and similar events will be excluded from this fee, Groton Hill Music expects that the majority of their professional performances will incorporate the Groton Community Fund Fee into the final ticket purchase price. This fee will be charged beginning with the initial concerts at Groton Hill Music Center and funds collected will be remitted to the Town quarterly. Groton Hill Music will review this fee on an annual basis to evaluate the overall success of this initiative for both the Town and for the organization.

“I cannot express enough our gratitude to Groton Hill Music for establishing this fee.  We are very excited to partner with Groton Hill Music in this endeavor.  Groton Hill Music has shown an outstanding willingness to help the Town of Groton meet the ever-increasing needs of our community.  They are a true partner with the Town,” said Select Board Member Joshua Degen.

“We are thrilled to be returning to the Town of Groton where our organization was founded 37 years ago and we believe that the Groton Community Fund Fee is an important component of our partnership with the Town,” said Groton Hill Music CEO, Lisa Fiorentino.

“As a non-profit music organization, a key aspect of our mission is to enhance the quality of life for the communities we serve through our education, performance, and community engagement programs where we give music generously to those in need. Instituting the Groton Community Fund as an additional source of revenue for the Town of Groton is one way in which we can support our host community and enrich the overall experience for everyone visiting Groton Hill Music Center.”


Mark W. Haddad

Town Manager