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Town of Groton Employees Changing Email Addresses

Starting on 10/29/2020, Town of Groton employees and board member’s email addresses will now begin sending from @grotonma.gov instead of @townofgroton.org. This has been a long-planned change to follow the best practices of municipalities switching to the ‘.gov’ suffix for their Top-Level Domain (TLD). The .gov TLD is a restricted option limited to government entities and helps mitigate some security concerns around websites and branding that utilizes more standard TLDs like .org, .com, or .net. The Town of Groton switched their primary website to be www.GrotonMA.gov in 2019.

All outgoing emails from employees will now come from an address ending in @grotonma.gov. Any emails that are sent to employees using their former (@townofgroton.org) email address will still be delivered to them but the sender will receive an alert letting them know to please update their address book with the new email address. We will continue this process for one year before phasing out the old addresses completely, upon which a sender would receive a bounce message letting them know that the old @townofgroton.org address no longer exists.

Below is an outlined example of how this process will work.

  1. A resident sends an email to Town Manager Mark Haddad at mhaddad@townofgroton.org
  2. Mark Haddad still receives the email, even though it was sent to his old address.
  3. The resident will receive an automatic reply letting them know that Mark has an updated email address and to please update their address book to try to utilize mhaddad@grotonma.gov going forward.
  4. If Mark Haddad replies to the resident’s message it will come from mhaddad@grotonma.gov

Any questions or comments about this can be directed to the town’s IT Department at (978) 732-1889.