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Scheduled Elections – Fall 2022

Scheduled Elections – Deadlines and Information

Elections currently scheduled to be held in Groton are:

  • Tuesday September 6, 2022     State Primary
  • Tuesday November 8, 2022      State Election

Voter Registration Deadlines

  • For the September 6 State Primary: August 27, 2022
  • For the November 8 State Election: October 29, 2022

Poll Hours:       7:00AM to 8:00PM

Poll Locations: Please go HERE.

Early Voting In-Person: Please go HERE.

Absentee Voting:  Please go HERE.

Voting by Mail:    Please go HERE.

Advance Processing and Central Tabulation for the November 8 State Election:
Groton will be conducting Advance Process, as needed,  on these dates at Town Hall, Second Floor Meeting Room, 173 Main Street, Groton. All Advance Processing will start at 9:30 AM.

  • Monday, October 31
  • Tuesday, November 1
  • Wednesday, November 2
  • Thursday, November 3
  • Friday, November 4
  • Saturday, November 5
  • Sunday, November 6
  • Monday, November 7

Groton will be conducting Central Tabulation at Town Hall, Second Floor Meeting Room, 173 Main Street, Groton, MA on:

  • Tuesday, November 8 starting at 9:30AM, as needed

For a more detailed explanation of Advanced Processing and Central Tabulation, please go here.